“i am full of earth
You are heaven’s worth
i am stained with dirt, prone to depravity
You are everything that is bright and clean
the antonym of me
You are divinity
but a certain sign of grace is this
from the broken earth
flowers come up, pushing through the dirt

You are holy, holy, holy
all heaven cries, holy, holy God
You are holy, holy, holy
i want to be holy like You are

You are everything that is bright and clean
and You’re covering me with Your majesty
and the truest sign of grace was this
from wounded hands redemption fell down, liberating man

but the harder i try the more clearly can i feel
the depth of our fall and the weight of it all
and so this might could be the most impossible thing
Your grandness in me making me clean
glory, hallelujah
glory, glory, hallelujah

so here i am, all of me
finally everything
wholly, wholly, wholly – i am wholly, wholly, wholly
i am wholly, wholly, wholly…Yours
i am wholly Yours…”

~ “wholly Yours”.. by david crowder*band

I think that sometimes it’s easy to go about life almost forgetting who God is… not that I really forget.. but I guess it’s more like I don’t live in light of who He is. Like I don’t let it affect me. If that makes any sense.

It’s crazy how much I don’t even think about living in light of who He is.. getting caught up in whatever is thrown my way and just thinking about how I can figure it out.. when what I really need to be doing is seeking out the One who is opposite of everything I am. He wants to liberate me from the craziness and disastrousness of life, to have me be wholly His.

And it just proves over and over again and again how full of earth, stained with dirt, prone to depravity I really am when I stop and realize that sometimes I just really don’t even want to let everything go. I so know that the only way I can have real life, full to overflowing and beyond, is to let go of all of everything. To let go and give every aspect to my Jesus. And yet I find myself so often grasping to hold on, to not let go and give it all over to the One who can make it all just right.  

He is the antonym of me.. the opposite of all I am, that is God. Because the only good that is in me comes from Him. The only good in my life comes from Him.

To trust Him.. to let all that I can never really hold onto anyway slip out of my hands and deliberately give it over to Him.. that is what it means to be wholly His. To know that He has the minute details of my life ordered out so perfectly that I could never even imagine.. and to trust that.. knowing how He has always taken care of me and will continue to do so.. to stop letting all that is the world take over my thoughts and heart and life.. that is to be wholly His.

So completely, wholly Yours.