“this lifetime of yours..
does it blossom?
is it fun?
does it glow at the center like a miniature sun?
does it find its own meaning in the great scheme of things?
is there joy in it?
does your life have wings?”

I don’t know who wrote it.. this is a poem on the cover of one of my journals, and I ran across it recently while cleaning and sorting through stuff as I redid my room. It’s a major reason why I bought that particular journal.. because I just really loved the poem and the inspiration it brought to mind.

Think about this lifetime of yours..

Does it blossom? I like to think so.. Blossoms change and grow and become and create beauty. I want that to be my life.

Is it fun? Oh definitely. πŸ˜€ Definitely fun. All the circumstances I go through may not be fun. In fact, many of them are far from it. But I like to smile. To laugh. To have fun. It’s more of an attitude of life,Β than a circumstance.

Does it glow at the center like a miniature sun? “Like the sun swallowed up by the earth.. like atomic bombs in reverse.. as if a glass could contain the sea.. that’s the way You are in me..” [– the Afters] My life can only glow at the center because of my Jesus. It’s the only way I can go about life and have people asking me “Are you a Christian?” or saying “You’re a very good witness.” Once at school, almost two years ago, I was walking down the hall going to work in the Learning Center and one of the teachers and I passed each other. I’d seen this guy randomly before, but I didn’t know him.. didn’t know who he was. Just that he taught at the college. We smiled and said good morning to each other as we passed.. just the passing-in-the-hall quick little conversation. You know. I didn’t think anything of it. Later that day I went to my first ever Campus Crusade Bible study. I wasn’t able to regularly attend at that point in time because of a timing conflict, but on that day, I was able to make it for a random meeting. Well.. I got to the Bible study, and a few minutes later this teacher walked up, and we were properly introduced. I learned that Tom was not only a teacher there, he was also very involved in the Campus Crusade ministry at the college. And when we were introduced, he said, “I could tell there was something different about you when we passed in the hall this morning!” Wow. Yes.. to have this kind of thing happen can only come from Him. Through knowing Him and seeking to know Him more and more. I want to glow like a miniature sun. I want Him to be in me like an atomic bomb in reverse.

Does it find its own meaning in the great scheme of things? I love to step back and look at the bigger picture, and to know where God has placed me in the middle of it all. Sometimes it’s so hard to see the importance of certain circumstances and strings of events. But I love to know that God has everything in His control, everything in His hands. He has a plan and a meaning for my life that I could never know apart from Him.

Is there joy in it? I love to find a smile and a laugh for everyone and everything. I am of the belief that a day where you don’t laugh is a day wasted. Everybody needs to laugh and smile and have joy. Sometimes it’s hard for people.. so we’ve got to help them. Be joy for someone.

Beauty? Beauty is all around us. We just have to look for it. We have to have the eyes to see it. The eyes to see love. I want to be beautiful.. to live beautifully. To share beauty with those around me and to help them see it when they cannot see it on their own.

Does your life have wings? Does my life have wings? Yes.. I think so. It’s a part of the joy and the beauty and the love and the life.

We have to love generously. Praise loudly. Live fully. Jesus came for us to live life to the fullest. [See John 10:10] And I intend to do just that.