“..the Spirit of the Lord began to stir [Samson]..” [Judges 13:25]

As I read through Judges recently, it struck me how little I sometimes even pay attention to the stirring of the Lord. He will show me what He wants me to do, where he wants me to go, etc.

He wants to.

But I’ve got to let Him.

I have to listen and notice that stirring. But not just listen and notice. I’ve got to acknowledge His stirring in me. And then I must act on it.

If I just sit back and don’t take action when He stirs me.. when He stirs my heart.. then pretty soon I will become immune to His stirring. And if I become immune, I am then insensitive to His stirring. I won’t even notice when He wants to stir my heart up. I won’t know when something is from the Lord.

Samson’s parents didn’t realize that “..this was from the Lord..” [Judges 14:4] when he fell in love with a girl. But ya know.. He directs our every step in life. Or, He will, rather, if we’ll just let Him. He so wants to. He’s got such amazing courses dreamt up for us. So much more than we could ever ask or imagine [1 Corinthians 2:9].

And here we go and sell ourselves short.. so short.. of who we could be if we just went with His stirring and followed His leading.

When He says to speak.. then speak. Right then. Don’t wait one more second. And say exactly what He’s stirred your heart to say.

Time is short.

Don’t let it slip by unnoticed.

Make the most of the time that we have.

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