With this election coming up just a couple of weeks from now, all that hinges on it is a major topic of discussion right now.

Politics don’t normally find their way into my writing. I semi keep up with what’s going on, but not so much that I really talk about it a whole lot. Just enough to be able to know a little something.. And besides, I kinda think that anybody who reads much of anything I ever write would be able to tell exactly who and what I vote for and against. I would hope so anyway.

However, knowing that the election is just around the corner, it’s been on my mind some lately.. and so here I am writing a bit on it.

As we went through the whole process of the primaries and campaigns and all, I found myself wondering how anybody who believes the Bible and claims to live by it.. how could they possibly even consider voting for someone who votes against bans on abortion?

Ya know, maybe I don’t particularly like Mr. McCain all that much, but I would vote for him any day just because I dislike his opponents and don’t want them in control. Voting for Mr. Obama would be completely against everything I believe in, and I have absolutely no intention of going that direction. Who could honestly think voting him in would be a good thing?..

A good friend of mine half-jokingly commented one day that we could use politicians as a new source of heat.. because they let their mouths go so much and just have a bunch of hot air. I tend to agree. Most of it is just stupid. They give promise after promise with no explanation of how they are planning to change things. Except that if you read into it you’ll find them raising taxes and killing more babies. And those aren’t the sort of changes we need.

We need do need a change from the way America is. But that change must come from a hope set in God alone.

Anyway, in thinking about the election.. remember the principles America was founded on. America was meant to be a country under God. So completely under God’s leading. That was the whole purpose of coming to the “new world”.. so the people could have the freedom to worship God and build their government and their country on His ways.

I don’t know who you’re voting for. But I encourage you to please, please, please remember what George Washington said.. “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”