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Knowing that today is Thanksgiving day, I have seen/heard quite a few “thankful” lists. I think it’s so important to look around us and really notice what we have to be thankful for. A home. A family. A car to drive. A job. Food to eat. Freedom. Friends. A church. Love. Jesus. Life. The list goes on.

I am so blessed.

Life is amazing. So amazing.

I have a choice though.. I have the choice of whether or not I see just how amazing it is and how blessed I am. I have the choice to smile or to complain.. to love or to hate.. to give or to be selfish.

The attitude we choose makes all the difference in what we see as blessings and in how blessed we really are. I choose to be thankful. To smile.

I so love the blessing of a smile, don’t you? 😀

As I work and spend family and friend time, I want to share that blessing.