“there are times every now and then
i forget why i’m breathing out and why i’m breathing in
i get so sick with the little things
i can’t relax when they’re happening ’til i know what it means

and then i open my eyes
i know you’re beating my heart
beating my heart
i look at the sky
i know you’re beating my heart
beating my heart
i’d go extra miles to show
that you are the one thing that i got
i look at the sky
i know you’re beating my heart

there’s a sun coming over the horizon
i want to know where it’s coming from
but doesn’t everyone?
it’s like who am i and why am i here?…

this whole world would take me down
without you standing by my side, my side
you’re holding on to me
you’re making everything inside come alive…”

~ “beating my heart”.. by jon mclaughlin

The little things.. yeah.. I know I get so sick with the little things that I get caught up in what they might mean and where they could go.. to the point that I can’t relax and just enjoy them. And I think a major point of the little things in life is definitely the enjoyment of them, rather than the analyzing of them.

When life becomes so much about obsessing over the little things, then it’s time to stop, take a step back, and reexamine.. reevaluate who I am and why God really did put me here. He’s got His reasons, and although I tend to enjoy my life and try to make the most of it, I’m sure I don’t know each reason. Many of them I won’t know until heaven. Maybe I’ll run into someone there who God used me to reach even though I never knew it.. because they were watching me and the way I lived my life.

To enjoy the little miracles in life though reminds me that He is beating my heart.. He is the One to make it beat.. the One to give me my every breath. He is the One who makes everything inside me come alive.

As one of my great-aunts said recently, each day we wake up again is another day God has given us and another reason to praise Him.. and He’s got a reason for us waking up that day.

And so.. as I wake up each day, it is with the awareness that God has something grand for me that day. Something amazing He wants to do in my life.. some great way that He wants to use me. Maybe I’ll see the fruit of it while I’m here, maybe I won’t.

Either way, though, I know that He is the One I delight in [Psalm 37:4].. not in order to get my heart’s desires, but so as to mold them more and more into the desires He has for me and to love Him with all that I am [Deuteronomy 6:5]. He’s beating my heart.. and even when I have nothing else, He is the One thing that I’ve got.