My latest project has been to make the promo video for Awana Camp.. or rather, True North Camp.. Well, actually, I’ve been working on it for while now but just finished getting all the video put together and exported and all this past week.

Definitely listen to the music.. catch the words! Due to the theme of racing, I took three Beach Boys songs and parodied them to fit in with camp. Then I had my brother and a friend play the music for me and some high school girls from the church sing. The girls even wrote the parody of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, so I asked if they would want to record that one too.

Lots of fun went into both the music and the video, incase you can’t tell! I’m happy with it for the most part, for what I had to work with.. not to say that the video selection I was given wasn’t nice, but for higher quality video you have to have higher resolution and all to work with. 

Anyway, the video made its debut Saturday evening when we had three Awana missionaries and their families, plus two majorly-involved-in-Awana families from the Baptist church, all over for dinner. Here it is.. enjoy!

And just so ya know — most video hosting sites apparently have a limit of 100 MB or less per file.. I looked at several.. Google, on the other hand, is amazing. My file actually fits on google!