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I saw this article posted on facebook this morning… and it reminded me of how messed-up the whole world is.

Gianna Jessen

Gianna Jessen

Have you heard of Gianna Jessen? She was aborted and lived.. she ended up with cerebral palsy as a result of the abortion. Now she sings, runs, speaks to groups, etc. 

Most people I’ve run across don’t have any idea that aborted babies actually can be born alive. Probably because most of the ones that do live are killed after they are born. They never make it into the world outside the abortion clinic to tell their story. 

I wonder how many people know that you can get fined for touching an endangered animal egg, while people kill tons of babies every day and then go home and eat their dinner like anybody else. It’s just another activity in their day. It’s so sickening. 

At what point is the line drawn — why is someone who kills a lady pregnant with twins charged with three accounts of murder while it’s considered by so many to be convenient, legal, and perfectly alright to abort a baby? I don’t understand how anyone could have such a blatant disregard for life. 

A friend of mine commented that we, as in this generation, have our work cut out for us, to be a part of changing the world we live in. I very much agree with her. So many leaders promise change.. but the changes they are inclined to make are so opposite the kind that need to be made. The sort of changing the world that needs to be done can only take place if we set out to change it with God. Not “for” God.. which implies that we will go out and do it for Him but on our own. But let God do His thing, pay attention to what He is doing, and join in that work. Be a part of His work in, around, and through us.

Life is precious.

I so love the way Frank Peretti puts it in his book, Hangman’s Curse. He says through the voice of one of his characters, “People are precious. They’re precious because God made them, and they need friends, they need love. Jesus never teased or hurt anybody, but He loved everyone, even the little and dumb and fat and ugly and weird, and.. if we all lived like that, then maybe terrible things like we’ve just seen wouldn’t happen.” 

Think of the implications. If we really lived out the mindset that people are truly precious. Each human life is precious. Loved by God.

That is what is needed to really change the world.