Sometimes you meet someone who is so wrapped up in the past that they can’t live today.. Or maybe they are so caught up in their dreams that all they think of is the future.

The past makes us who we are. To clear it away would be to lose sight of all your lessons learned and memories made. And the future is something to anticipate. 

Neither can be lived in, but both are necessary to who we are right now, in this moment. 

I just finished reading Ted Dekker‘s latest, Kiss.. which is about a girl whose memory is lost. Some try to convince her that her inability to remember her past is a blessing, that she can start over fresh from everything she used to know. And she debates with herself on that point. But she realizes the need for truth, and the need for what our unique pasts have to offer each of us. 

To run away from the past doesn’t solve anything. There is value in our past and future. We’ve got to not live in them, but learn from them. Find the balance between living in the past and future and forgetting it. 

Realizing the value of learning from our past and looking forward to our future while living in the present gives us a sense of the bigger picture. 

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were told to remember that they were slaves in Egypt. Not so the darkness of that time was at the front of their minds, but so as to be a reminder. So as to help them to remember who delivered them from that time, the One who brought them out of Egypt. 

Remember Who has shaped your past.. remember Who holds your future. The perspective will change the life you live in the present.