“… It’s jest that they’ve got sorter lost looking for God, being under the impression that He’s hard to find — which He ain’t never.” These are Captain Jim’s words in L.M.Montgomery’s book, Anne’s House of Dreams.

He really isn’t hard to find. Not at all. Ever. Just take a look around.

It’s springtime, and even just the fact that we can have seasons at all is amazing and such proof of Him. How there can be the makings of a plant inside a tiny seed, how life can form from just one cell that splits again and again and again, how rain sets up in the sky in huge storm clouds and then falls to help our plants grow… how our bodies work in such intricate detail… how the world can spin in its proper place.. how the earth is at just exactly the perfect distance from the sun so as not to freeze us or burn us up..

God is everywhere. He’s placed His fingerprints all around us, if we’ll just choose to look for them.

He has perfect plans for our lives too. In the same way that He knows the best way to make the elements of life work together, He knows so exactly what you and I need in our lives. He knows what makes us smile and what makes us angry, and He knows what takes our breath away. And He is working all those ingredients together in just the perfect recipe for life… and our part is to follow and trust Him as He works. 

He knows what He’s doing, and He has His fingerprints all over us. I want to live in such a way as to let His fingerprints show up all throughout each portion of my life.

If you’re interested, here’s “He ain’t never hard to find..” part 1. The different pieces don’t really go in any particular order, this is just the order in which I happened to write and post them.