Okay.. so I was asked a question today, and I didn’t realize until then that I’d accidentally left out the fact that they let Jon come home last night! He will be home all week, until.. Thursday night, I believe is what Amy told me this morning. Unless something changes, like his vision. In that case they will try to get him in sooner. In Amy’s words, “The neuro/oncologist… has hope that the tumor is not cancer.” She also told me they put him on medication to hopefully shrink it before the surgery. 

Keep praying, please. Constantly. These kids need their daddy. Amy needs him. God is so big enough.

The rest of the story…
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He is mighty to save..
whenever you call..
really living by faith..
i know God had a purpose for this..
the Lord will fight for you..
faith is being certain..
keep on believing..
God is working..
His love never ends..