I spent today with Caleb, Josh, Eli, and Liz, and got some updates on Jon. Had the opportunity to talk with Amy for a few minutes, and Caleb got to talk with her… I think that was really really good for him, and I’m sure for Amy as well. 

Jon’s body scan came back normal, so we all are praising God for that!! 😀 There is nothing elsewhere in his body that needs to be dealt with. He is still in ICU so they can keep a close watch on his platelets. Julie said a little bit ago that the count is up — his body needs to be making them and the count needs to be up for a few days before they can go ahead with the surgery again. So we are still waiting.

Amy’s parents and sister, Julie, stopped by the house this afternoon on the way back to Cincinnati, and they told me about the anesthesiologist. She is a believer and prayed with them, and she said she wanted to do whatever she could so that Jon can go home and play with his kids. And she is the one who told them to stop the surgery. 

Tonight at dinner, Eli prayed for God to help his daddy feel better.

As you pray and believe for Jon and Amy and their kids, remember encouragement in your prayers. Jon is discouraged right now. Which I can understand. To wake up and find out they didn’t even do the surgery, that you have to go and do it all again… I cannot even fully imagine. I mean.. we’re all praising and thanking Him for stopping it. Definitely. But for him to awaken to the news that they couldn’t go on with it.. that has to be so hard. 

“So many questions without answers
Your promises remain…” 
~ from “hold my heart”.. by tenth avenue north 

Keep claiming His promises, keep believing, keep praying. Keep living faith. 🙂

God is already being praised so much through all of this, and by the time this is over, I can only imagine how many people will have been touched in some way by it. He has great things in the works. 

“The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest.” [Exodus 14:14, Amplified Bible]
And the NIV says it like this: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  

Just like He watched out for the Israelites and Moses in this context, He is watching out for Jon and his family.

Pray and believe with us, please. The story so far…
part one
part two
part three
part four
He is mighty to save..
whenever you call..
really living by faith..
i know God had a purpose for this..
faith is being certain..
keep on believing..
God is working..
His love never ends..