They moved Jon back out of ICU yesterday. He was going to move to Miami Valley this morning but is having some pain and pressure in his ear, so he is still in Cincinnati, and they are running more tests. Hopefully tomorrow he will be able to come back to Dayton to start his rehab. He is doing better with his speech. 🙂

I keep getting reminded of how Jesus is the same yesterday.. today.. and forever. He never, ever changes.

Hebrews 11 tells us of quite a few people who believed. They chose to trust God with their lives.. with their whole hearts. It tells us about how God used these people, their faith, and their choices for good. He used them to bring Him honor. He helped them through the circumstances in which they lived, even when they sometimes didn’t see His hand in it until afterwards.

Hebrews 13:5-8 goes on to remind us that He won’t ever leave us. And it says to remember our leaders. Look back and see how they lived and what God did for them. He is our helper. And He never changes. 

He still never changes. 

And I know that sounds redundant, considering that the very nature of those words means that He won’t change, but I think sometimes it is so easy to let them be that — just words. Rather than taking them to heart. And so I find myself loving the emphasis on the fact that He really never changes. He still moves mountains, He still heals, He still makes the blind see and the lame walk. He makes the sun rise on His time.

I keep praising and thanking Him for everything He is doing. He has done so much already, and I know there is an unimaginable amount in the works.

I keep praying too. And believing as I pray.

It’s so hard for Amy and Jon and for their kids, to be apart from each other like this. Pray for them, please, as they deal with that difficulty in the midst of everything else.


playing ball

playing ball



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