So.. some things to keep in your prayers in the days to come..

  • Jon is doing fabulously. I saw him and his family today for just a bit on my way home from Sidney. They saw the doctors on Wednesday, and they were amazed at how well he feels. He’ll go back to the oncologist in two months and then have his next MRI in four months. He can swim now, and everybody is excited about that, so they took a trip to the pool today! Please continue to keep Jon and his sweet family in your prayers. Keep praising God for everything He’s done for, with, in, through, and around them in these past few months, and keep praying and believing that the tumor/cancer is completely gone and doesn’t come back.
  • This morning during breakfast (I was at Women of Faith in Indianapolis with my mom and sister and a big group from Sidney), one of the head ladies from Sidney mentioned a family that had just lost their mom/wife/grandmother/friend.. and I was pretty sure I had heard the name correctly but so hoping I hadn’t. So later on after getting home, I looked on her daughter’s facebook.. and it turns out I had heard exactly right. My friend Amy (different one.. not Jon’s wife), who I had Mr. Andreoni’s speech class with at Edison back in 2005, died yesterday. She found out at some point during that semester or a little after that she had leukemia, and so she had been dealing with that for the last several years. It’s a bittersweet thing.. I know she’s healthy now, and will never have to go back to a hospital, and she’s with Jesus. And I’m so excited for all of that. But to know that I won’t ever run into her again here.. that’s hard. Keep her family in your prayers too, please.
  • One more thing. I’m leaving tomorrow at 1:24 for Nicaragua. My whole family is going on a missions trip this time around, which is exciting! We’re flying Delta and going through Atlanta.. flying into Managua tomorrow at about 7:33 pm. So if you think of it.. please pray for that too! Lots of pictures and stories to come, I’m sure! We will be returning to Dayton.. I believe at 6:33 next Monday evening, August 17th.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Keep praising Him in the storm, praying, and believing along with us, please. The story so far..
part one
part two
part three
part four
He is mighty to save..
whenever you call..
really living by faith..
i know God had a purpose for this..
the Lord will fight for you..
faith is being certain..
keep on believing..
God is working..
His love never ends..
all will see..
God is big enough..
He never changes..
He knows the plans He has for us..
even when we don’t understand..
borrow mine..
keep smilin’..
i know Who You are..
God works for our good..
still waiting..
taste and see..
we trust in the name of the Lord our God..
waiting quietly for Him..
He gives strength..
how does being chosen make you feel?..
He can move the mountains..