Taking a break one morning from working on the house we were building, I had the opportunity to venture back to Josue 1:8, the school in Los Brasiles where my sponsor boy goes. We walked in and yet again I was flooded with memories of my previous Nica trip. Every time I walked into Josue 1:8, Hogar de Fe, Los Brasiles in general, the Quinta, even the airport.. I remembered.

Anyway, so I walked into the school, and as we stood there, all of a sudden, a bunch of little girls ran up and hugged me. They started hugging all of us. They didn’t even know us, and they hugged us like we were their long lost dearest friends and family. Maybe you’ve never had this happen to you, but let me just tell you.. it makes you take a step back and really think. It gives you some stuff to ponder.

Ginny talked with a lady or two at the school, and then my sponsor boy walked out of his classroom across the school. We went upstairs to the office, where we got to talk a bit (Ginny is an amazing translator!) and I gave him a baseball, glove, and bat that I’d brought for him from America. The next day he told us he’d played with them with his neighbor.

I can’t quite tell you the feeling of meeting my sponsor kid.

I’ve had pictures of Helmun Nayrobis Pineda Gonzales for 3 years now. I knew he was adorable from the beginning. I knew that through this sponsorship, he had the opportunity to attend a Christian school with his needs provided for.

But to go and actually get to meet the kid that I began sponsoring 3 years ago, shortly after my original trip to Nicaragua.. it was just indescribable. Really. There is no description for it.

He is ever so much more adorable even than his pictures ever showed. And so sweet.

He will be 8 years old in October. His favorite color is red, and his favorite subject is math. He has a little sister named Liliet Cristina, and he loves to play with her. She’s about 2 or 3 years old. I got to meet her and their grandparents also.

My family began sponsoring a little girl named Marling while we were down there… she is 8 years old and in the same class as Nayrobis. Another darling Nica kid!

The day after I first met Nayrobis, all of us who had sponsor kids in Los Brasiles took our kids to lunch. The kids chose pizza, so we went to Pizza Hut! Not exactly what you think of when you think Nicaragua, is it? 😉  It was amazing though. They had a huge playground area that they loved playing on.. and several of us joined them!

These kids hadn’t ever seen anything like this play area or the streets of Managua, and I found it so fun and intriguing to watch Nayrobis’ excitement. His eyes were so full of wonder as Isaac drove us all through Managua to Pizza Hut.

Nothing could compare with these kids’ awe, and it made me think of how little of that awe I live with every day. What once was brought excitement and emotion gets to the point of being everyday and mundane, and I don’t like that that happens. I want to live with that same wonder and joy that I observed in these kids.. it’s there for them even when you’re not taking them out for a pizza lunch.. one of the most common sounds I heard the whole week in Nicaragua was the sound of squealing, laughing children.

I read this quote a few days ago, and it stood out to me… “Very little is needed to make a happy life.” Don’t believe it? Let me take you on a trip to Nicaragua… and you will see the truth of this statement in a very tangible way.

Nayrobis and me, on the way to the sponsor lunch

Nayrobis and me, on the way to the sponsor lunch

If you’re interested, you can read more about my Nicaragua trip here: at home in nicaragua..

And please, please keep on praying and believing and praising. Jon is doing so great, and it is so exciting to see what God is doing in, around, with, and through this sweet family. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!