So this time in Nicaragua, we had the opportunity to be involved with construction work. Actually, let me rephrase that.. we did construction work to help build a house, and we also did some demo and prep work at another site where a set of dorm-type rooms will be build for college students. How I love construction and demo work! 🙂

I love physical work itself, and I also love being able to do something for somebody else. Something practical, something tangible, something important. It’s something I can do.

While at the site where we were building the house, the neighborhood kids would always come around. They loved for us to play with them, but they loved helping us work too. They’d help shovel stuff or mix concrete, or whatever else they could do. They loved for us to jump rope with them, grab their hands and twirl them around ’til we were all falling over from complete dizziness, and take pictures with them.

Romans 13:8 (NIV) says, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.”

I’ve long loved this verse. Jesus teaches in the New Testament to “love your neighbor as yourself“, and I love how, in this verse in Romans, it is reiterated.. how we are not only taught to love people, we owe it to them. A debt is something that is owed to somebody, and we have this continuing debt to love each other.

I think so many people never realize this concept, but it’s one that is important to me and one that I am pretty sure should be important.

And I’m not writing about this to say that I did some great thing by loving people in Nicaragua; rather, I’m sure I could always do a better job of that.

The point of sharing this is, instead, to just share another aspect of what we did, and also to encourage whoever happens to read this post to find somebody to love today.

Whatever form that love might take on.

Maybe it’s not going to be building a house for a family who has less than what Americans consider nothing. Maybe it’s not letting random kids climb all over you and hijack your camera for a while. Maybe it’s not cleaning for your friends. Maybe it’s befriending the person sitting next to you. Or maybe it’s giving to others. Maybe it’s just doing whatever you can for somebody. I don’t know what your life looks like right now. But I do know that we all have people to love, and I also know that you can never, ever love too much.

If you’re interested, you can read more about my Nicaragua trip here: at home in nicaragua.. and in wonder..

And please, please keep on praying and believing and praising. Jon is doing so great, and it is so exciting to see what God is doing in, around, with, and through this sweet family. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!

A few photos from our worksite…

the family we were building the house for, minus one kid

the family we were building the house for, minus one kid, in front of their current home

cinthya and me

cinthya and me

hahaha ;)

hahaha 😉

i think this was stiven who took a picture of his own eye

i think this was stiven who took a picture of his own eye