I decided to stop in Borders the weekend before Nicaragua to try and find a more current and portable Spanish/English dictionary than the ones I had at home. After a few minutes of deliberation, I found one that I liked, a Latin American Spanish phrase book and dictionary.. When I went to pay for my book, the lady at the counter asked if I would like to join their rewards program… so I figured — sure, I’ll give you my email address for 40% off my book! So I gave the lady my email address: “proverbs25.25….” and she asked me what it was. I quoted the verse for her, and she said, “I like that! I’ll have to look it up! I knew it was from the Bible, but I didn’t know the verse.” Then she proceeded to ask where I was going (seeing as how she was ringing up my Latin American Spanish book) and if it was a missions trip.

It was just one of those “made my day” sort of spans of minutes. Never met the lady before, probably never will again. But ya never know what kind of impact that interaction might have…

This took place in Indiana while walking back to our hotel after the Women of Faith conference. On the way home the following day, some of the ladies on the bus (we go with a large group from Sidney) had my mom and me come up and tell about what we were going to be doing in Nicaragua. Then they decided to hold an auction.. these ladies auctioned off anything and everything — from a signed photograph of the writer we had with us on the trip to a calculator, a book light, hand sanitizer, candy, chex mix, books, etc. And then they began dancing in addition to just auctioning, and auction sales went higher.

That evening, my family’s church (where my parents and brothers attend, and where I am in a Bible study on Wednesday nights) had us come up front and they prayed for us and for the trip. The pastor mentioned afterwards that the church wanted to give us some money to take to Nicaragua to use for something that was a great need. This money ended up putting roofs on some coffee workers’ homes in one of the most impoverished places in Nicaragua and contributing to the building of dorm rooms (at our demo site) for some college students.

One of the daughters of the lady I work for asked her mom one day if we needed anything to take with us to Nicaragua, if there was anything like school supplies that they could donate for the kids there.

Some people in Troy who had a garage sale the weekend before the trip donated tons of clothes and toys to take, and another friend gave a box of clothes…

The family I babysit for sent a bunch of clothes and also gave me some money to use as needed. Since they’ve had so much going on this spring and summer with health issues, I really wanted this gift to be used for medical purposes. When I gave it to Cecil, who led our trip, he asked me who’d given it.. so I told him this family’s story. He then asked if I had anything in mind for its use, and I told him about my thought of using it for medical needs. Cecil said, “That is exactly what I was thinking when you were telling me about this family. I think that is a wonderful idea.” And so a Nica (or maybe multiple Nicas..) now has medical help available to them that they would not have had otherwise.

So many people I have never met before have been asking me about the trip.. it is amazing..

Previous to this recent Nicaragua trip, I’d been on seven other missions trips. For all of those trips, as good as they might have been, and as supported as I might have felt, I really have never felt so backed and supported on a missions trip as on this one.

All the little — and not so little — moments add up. They make up hours and days and weeks and months and years. They make up life.

Each moment affects those around us in some way. Even if you think it insignificant, your every action can spur on another action. You can be a part of a chain reaction.

This August 2009 trip to Nicaragua was made up of lots of both little and not so little moments. The time leading up to the trip was also made up of them. Lots of moments that others thought were very, very small, but that to me were huge.

I’ve never been on a trip like this one before, even though I’ve been to this same place before. No trip before this one was ever made up of the seemingly tiny moments in quite the same way as now. What seems to many as insignificant is really very significant, and each of these people, whether or not they know it, have been an enormous part of this Nica trip.

Each of you know who you are, and I thank you more than I can tell you. You are amazing, and God used you greatly on this trip, even if you were not physically in Central America with me.

If you’re interested, you can read more about my Nicaragua trip here: at home in nicaragua.. and in wonder.. and lovin’ people..

And please, please keep on praying and believing and praising. Jon is doing so great. I was over briefly a couple days ago, and it is so good to watch God at work. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!

there are 13 kids in this family.. the ones you dont see are already out working in the coffee fields

there are 13 kids in this family.. the ones you don't see are already out working in the coffee fields