One of the aspects that I so love about getting to do construction work in Nicaragua is this: we do it their way.

The people in charge of our worksites are Nicaraguans, and they tell us whatever they want us to do next. They show us what to do and how to do it, and we have the opportunity to learn to build a house Nica style. We make rebar (and when you come saying you learned to make rebar, a typical response is “you can make rebar??”), mix concrete and mezlcar (sp?), build up the foundation, dig a trench, etc. — all in the ways they show us.

I love that we don’t go down there and say, “sure, we’ll help you build houses, and here’s how we are going to build them”.. proceeding to take our American traditions and techniques into their world. When you do it their way, you get to learn so much of their culture, and it leaves them in charge of what you’re doing.

Being able to immerse myself in their culture just makes the trip. Because.. what would be the point if I went down there and tried to teach them everything American?

Meeting them where they are and learning their ways is essential.

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And please, please keep on praying and believing and praising. Jon is doing so well. I spent yesterday with Liz, and I am so excited to be able to see God working in this family. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!