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So after our meeting at work on Friday morning, I spent rest of the day with Jon and Amy’s kids. There was lots of Wii/Game Cube, racing of cars around the carpet in the basement (good thing I had on my new jeans, or else I may have come home with a hole in the knee of my pants again! 😉  ), playing princesses and going to the ball, pillow-fighting, light sabers, etc., etc., etc. Quite a full day, and I slept very well that night!

I got an update that night.. The date is set. Jon’s MRI is December 9th. Actually, everything is that day, including meeting with the doctors afterward.

Please be praying, even now, for that day. Be praying that the doctors will find that there is not even a trace of the tumor, and that it will never ever come back, there or anywhere else. Be praying for the wait between now and then, because it’s scary. Be praying for this sweet family as God continues to work in their lives in unimagined ways.

I always love to hear the kids pray. Liz prayed at dinner Friday evening, and her prayer went something like this: … “Thank you for my mom and dad. Please help my daddy feel better, and help the doctors help him feel better. And thank you for the food. Amen.”

It is so simple and yet.. so profound. There is a very simple, honest faith in her prayer. And I really love it. I really want to pray like that. Ask and believe. That’s what He tells us. Look at Mark 11:22-25 and see for yourself. Make sure you are right with God and others, and ask and believe. How easy that sounds.. and yet for some reason.. because we’re so into walking by sight, rather than by faith.. it isn’t so easy to live out all the time.

Something I’ve learned through all of this is that He will use even the circumstances that you’d rather not be in to grow you if you just will let Him. I mean.. I knew that before, but I never knew it like I do now. I have learned so much about the power of faith and prayer, and just how mighty to save our God really is.. and how He works together each little detail of so many circumstances that we don’t even see, and knits them meticulously together for good in the work He is doing.

I so believe that on December 9th, the tests will all show up completely clear.. because of God. Please pray and believe with us, and praise Him for everything He has done and even now is doing. Thank you so much.

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