After getting Josh and Eli off to school (Caleb was gone by the time I got there), I spent the morning with Liz. 😀  Amy had told me last night that Liz wanted to watch Cinderella with me today and that she was really excited. So.. we watched the classic Disney Cinderella, which I adore.

It had actually been a while since I’d seen it.. for whatever reason.. (as in maybe a year or two.. yes, I watch Disney movies and love them still) and it was so much fun for me to watch it through the eyes of a 3-year-old girl. It gives such a different perspective on dialogue and circumstances that I’ve grown up knowing by heart.

Throughout the movie, Liz kept asking me the stepsisters’ names, and it struck me just how weird their names are. Anastasia.. okay, that’s semi-normal. Uncommon, but it’s normal. But.. Drizella? Who names their kid that?!

Anyway, so after our movie, we went downstairs to play Cinderella in the basement. Liz told me I was Cinderella and she was my nice stepmother.. and then she added that I didn’t have any sisters. I asked if there was a prince, and she answered “yes”.. so I asked where he was. Liz gave me such a funny look.. something like “you know this!”.. and told me, “He’s at the ball!”

Silly me. 😉  I did know that. “Prince Charmy” is at the ball.

See, it’s just that I never go to balls. Maybe that’s why I forgot he was there.

Hmm.. what do you think? Maybe I should go to a ball?

*Jon and Amy are just gone for the day today, but this morning holds a perfect example of how hard all of this is on them and their family. Jon came back in the house for a minute when they were leaving, and Eli saw him and then went to the window to watch as his parents left. I could tell he wasn’t having a very easy time, and I asked him if he was okay. Eli had tears in his sweet eyes and a tear running down his cheek as he told me, “well, I’m not going to see them until Friday…” and it so tore up my heart. “Oooooh Eli.. nooooo.. they’re just gone for the day this time!” Please, please, please keep on praying, believing, and praising always for Jon and his family. Be praying for his upcoming MRI, that the doctors will find the tumor completely gone, and never ever come back. God is so big enough. Also be praying for this sharing opportunity they are involved with this week, where they have the chance to share with others how big God really is, thank them for praying, and to ask for continued prayer. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!