“well i’ve never been a fashion queen
i wear dresses, i wear jeans
i’ve even been known to wear my heart on my sleeve
i’m just your average kid next door
a plain simple mystery
i’m a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl
with my share of idiosyncrasies

i’m just fine
i see a smile from heaven
my Father’s proud
and i know that i am simply, fearfully, and wonderfully
made in You
You make it beautiful somehow

i’ve got old-fashioned sensibilities
i believe chivalry still exists
and i can be a princess
even when there ain’t no prince
so what if i’m right brained
i’ve got half a mind to disagree
i would rather write the book
than go and read the movie
so even when i may not rhyme
You always give me reason

every day, every way
got my elbows on the table
my mind up in the clouds
i know i’m getting better
i can almost hear you laugh out loud
the more i trust in you
the more i find
what you create is no mistake
it’s purpose by design

beautiful somehow
that is what you do
beautiful somehow
beautiful in You..”

~ “beautiful somehow”.. by joy williams

This song is so me… I wear dresses, I wear jeans — my goodness, I wear everything with my blue jeans. 😉

I’ve got those old-fashioned sensibilities Joy mentions.. I do believe chivalry still exists. And I’m a princess, even when there’s not a prince. Or rather, perhaps I should say… even when that prince hasn’t ridden up yet to dance and sing with me about meeting once upon a dream.

My life doesn’t always make sense.. it may not always rhyme or match up.. probably doesn’t make sense a whole lot more than it does, actually. I don’t always like it. Sometimes I’m loud, sometimes I tend to be quiet. Sometimes I’m lonely, even when I’m surrounded by a million and one friends. But even when I may not rhyme, He is here, He loves me, and He gives me reason. Always.

Elbows on the table? Sure, sometimes. Why not? Mind in the clouds? Of course! Dreaming is essential. 😀

Strange as I can be, I know I was created to be uniquely me. Every quirk, every little detail of the way I am.. I know God made me that way. And my imperfections.. He is constantly at work in me, growing me in those areas. I trust Him to make me beautiful somehow.

Be praying for Jon and Amy and their family, please! For all his tests and doctor meetings and all. Every single prayer is appreciated more than you’ll probably ever know. Pray.. believe.. praise.. If you haven’t already, please catch up on their story!