Have you ever read this verse? Psalm 5:3 (TNIV) says, “In the morning, LORD, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly.”

I ran across it again the other day. It was one of those that I know I’ve read many times before because it was underlined in my Bible, but I’d not seen the verse in a little while.. making it new and so very fitting for present circumstances when I read it recently.

This verse made me think about faith and how we’ve got to trust. Just know that God has all things in His hands. He is at work, even when that work is difficult to see. He knows what He’s doing, even when I don’t. And I shouldn’t need to.

This evening, I read a post by an ACF Nica friend, Emily from her latest Nicaragua trip. She was talking about different reasons people don’t go to church and about how the distractions that keep people away from church ultimately keep them from giving their all to God. She said, “… it’s difficult to set aside those distractions- especially when we… feel like He doesn’t see us or hear our cries.”

It is easy to let the distraction of impatience, rather than the One we’re waiting on, become the focus. To dwell more on the fact that we’re still waiting than on the fact that I know He’s up to something, and I know it’s something big. Because He is so much greater and more beyond comprehension than we even know.

These past few days have been so very encouraging. For my family and for myself.

I have had to really just let go and trust God for financial needs for missions trips before… (I am going to tie this together, don’t worry!) The most blatant memory that comes to mind is when we wrote support letters while preparing to go to Australia in 2003. I really did not want to send out letters, because I wanted to do something to earn my trip than just have it handed to me for nothing. Well.. we were supposed to write letters, and so I did.. and I took them to the church to be mailed like we were asked. And my letters were found on a shelf months later. After the trip. The trip was scheduled for June, and by May I was still way low on my money for it. I don’t have any answer for where it came from, other than to say that God provided it through various people. Much of it still is a mystery to me, six and a half years later.

The past few days have so reminded me of that spring when I was preparing for Australia.

Sunday afternoon when I returned home from church, my mom began to tell me how people had been just coming up and handing my parents checks, how a Sunday school class collected money for them, they were given a card with cash and a grocery store gift certificate… Monday came, and a Christmas card arrived in the mail from some dear friends that had a check and a gift card enclosed… today it was an anonymous cashier’s check in a white envelope. And just before Thanksgiving, a card came with a couple of grocery store gift certificates…

See.. I honestly haven’t been in this position before.. where we’re the ones people are coming up to like this. And that was fine. Never did I have any need or desire to be on the receiving end. I never have had to give a second thought to it — when somebody has a need, I like to help; maybe I can’t do a lot, but I can do something. That’s the end I have always been on, and I’ve so loved it. I hate when anybody is in this kind of hard circumstance but love knowing that somehow I’ve been able to help them out, even in a small way. But I’d never been in it myself before. Being overwhelmed with kindness and prayers gives a very real sense of being loved completely by those around you.. in ways you might never have even considered.

To each one who has been a part of this overwhelming love, I thank you more than I know how to tell you. Know that as your cards have been opened, you have caused jaws to drop, tears to come, and hearts to overflow with your sweet, sweet shared love. You have so been a blessing to my family… your love and friendship more than anything.

And so in the midst of people who care, we sit praising Him for His goodness and blessings, His provisions and love, His sovereignty and purpose. Praying and believing for a job for my daddy. And waiting. Expectantly. Knowing that God is up to something so much bigger than us, so much bigger than any of this. And trying to focus on Him rather than on the distractions of impatience and worry.

Pray, believe, and pray along with us, please. For this, yes, but also please keep on with doing the same for Jon and his dear family. Catch up on their story if you haven’t already!

Oh!! On a side note.. in addition to her blog, Emily has pictures up.. of the house we began in August — finished!!

the house we were working on for a Nicaraguan family

the house we were working on for a Nicaraguan family