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This post has been writing itself in my head for well over a week, but I am just now getting it set into words.

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about gratefulness and its effects on life… how it has much say-so in a person’s attitude and mindset/outlook.

Back in November or so, I ran into a situation where the other person looked at me and just simply said “thank you”. I have seen a good many of these situations over the past year… The circumstances surrounding these words are irrelevant to this story, but it has all stayed in my mind since I was confronted with these words and thoughts.. and it’s caused me to ponder how “thank you” is almost too easy of a phrase to say… so much so that we let these words slip from our lips without even thinking.

Maybe this sounds funny.

I don’t mean to say that when you tell somebody thank you for something, you don’t mean it. There is a difference, though, in words falling out of our mouths in an almost flippant manner, and in actually meaning it from the bottom of your heart.

I think the sincerest form of thankfulness stems from a heart that fully knows that God is our sole provider and then consequently lives out that knowledge. To come to the place where you are at the very end of all you know to do except lay all you are at His feet and completely bare your heart to Him… this is where a thankful heart begins.

For “thank you” to be truly a statement of gratefulness to somebody, it has to be more than a cliché that we answer with out of habit. I knew this before but maybe just had not thought it out so much. I learned so much about true thankfulness in the past year.. I have learned to look deeper at what is behind real thankfulness..

I think “thank you” becomes truly “thank you” when we know in the innermost part of our being just how much we need God and each other in life. Until then — until we realize this — I think that, as thankful as one might honestly be.. it is a different kind of thankfulness. I think these different levels and kinds of being thankful come from completely separate places in the heart.

One is more of a surface thing.. very superficial. The other takes the time to consider what has been done in the depths of who we are and acts accordingly.

That being said, I thank you.. very deeply.. for all your prayers. If you’ve not done so already, please catch up on Jon and Amy’s story!