“We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, for Your Name is near; men tell of Your wonderful deeds.” — Psalm 75:1, NIV

I love that this verse describes His name as “near”. It’s got to be always on our lips.. so that we are constantly praising Him, but also so that we keep sharing what He’s done with others.

There is nothing quite so powerful to set off a chain reaction of making a difference in somebody else’s life as showing them how your own has been made different. Telling of His wonderful deeds has this extreme potential to forever change so many around us.

I have seen more of His wonderful deeds over the course of my life so far than I can even begin to recount. But these past 12 months have seemed to especially reiterate His goodness at the same time as reminding constantly of our great need for Him.

Quite honestly, 2009 held so many unwelcome events. To say that it wasn’t my favorite year ever just may be a slight understatement. But I can also quite honestly say that He grew me a lot through it all. Maybe more than I really wanted.

God has done such a large amount of rearranging in my life over this past year and really kept showing me His goodness, love, and provision over and over. And over. And really, I am thankful for the growing He does in me. I just wish everything didn’t have to pile up on top of everything else in order for that growing to happen.

2010 seemed like it couldn’t come fast enough.. I was so ready for 2009 to be over with. Like a new year would make all the difference… I know that wasn’t really it, but it just has seemed to be a fresh start-over time, and that feeling has been so nice.

With the new year came more waiting.. until Wednesday when I walked in the door after work to be greeted with the news that my daddy had gotten a job! He will be working from home for a place in Seattle that apparently is ultimately based in the UK.

And I am reminded again of just how near He is. When we can see and feel Him, but also when we cannot.

So many thanks for each prayer and for your love and sweetness… I can’t even tell you how much. Please keep praying, believing, and praising for Jon and his family (catch up on their story if you haven’t already)!