Over this past year, I’ve been reminded over and over and over how essential prayer is in our lives. In every part.

And it affects every part of life too. Whether or not we keep constantly in touch with God will show as each of us go about our everyday lives. In attitudes and interaction with others, and in our entire mindset.

As we choose and learn to trust.. we grow. A lot. And still so often it is hard to trust.. or to keep trusting.

Seems like I’ve been learning these same things again and again all year.

So many of you have prayed for my friends Jon and Amy and their family. They thank you, and I thank you too, for every single prayer. It has really made such a difference… and if you need proof, just look back at their story again.

I wanted to share this video with you… see what God has done and is doing, and praise Him for it:

Please keep praying, believing, and praising for Jon and his family!