On Wednesday, Jon had a mini-stroke. He was at home and awake but couldn’t talk for 10 minutes when it was going on.

Amy says, “The episode was followed by a headache, tightness and being really tired. We are so thankful he is safe and was home/not driving etc. when it occured. God remains so faithful to us all the time. We initially thought it was a seizure but spent several hours at the ER with further testing. Neurologists think it is a circulation issue and will follow up with many more tests. We are back home today (back to no driving for Jon)  and may be going down to UC later. He is feeling back to normal this a.m. We knew risk of stroke was high during radiation and post-op but didn’t realize he would always be at risk. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer as we face this next bump in the road. Love, Amy.”

So please remember to keep this issue specifically in your prayers. Thank you. So very much.

It is so good to know that He is never ever surprised by the circumstances in which we find ourselves. He knows what is going on. He knows our hearts. And He knows how to love us and protect us.

Please continue praying, believing, and praising — always — for Jon and his family. If you’ve not done so yet.. please catch up on Jon and Amy’s story.