“You hold my every moment
You calm my raging sea
You walk with me through fire
You heal all my disease
i trust in You
i trust in You
i believe You’re my Healer
i believe  You are all i need
i believe You’re my portion
i believe You’re more than enough for me
Jesus, You’re all i need
nothing is impossible for you
nothing is impossible
nothing is impossible for you
You hold my world in Your hands…”

[I’m honestly not sure who this song is by. I googled it to find the lyrics and it came up with several different artists.]

These words brought a smile to my face when I heard them for the first time a few weeks ago. They were so exactly what I’d needed to hear at that moment. I love how God takes our needs and fills them with something we don’t even have any idea to be looking for. He knows what I need so much better than I ever could.

I cannot say it better than those words above already have said it for me. It so accurately is what He has been to me and proven Himself to be. He holds our lives and all we need in His hands and He is the Healer.

Nothing is impossible for Him…

Para Dios lo imposible no existe… for God, the impossible does not exist. There IS no impossible. 🙂

Maybe this post is just really redundant. But.. maybe I just needed to write it anyway.

Please keep on praying for Jon and his family.. and catch up with his story if you haven’t already. He is on a trip with Caleb for school this week, and Amy got a call from him today when he told her that they’d just gone to the National Cathedral. Amy posted that “a group of Caleb’s teachers pulled Jon aside and took him to a special room to pray for him and light a candle for him on the prayer wall. He was really touched. Caleb attends Troy PUBLIC Schools….” See what God can do? 🙂