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“one shot is all you’ve got
to make your mark, to make your difference
one chance, but you don’t understand this…
life is but a breath
don’t waste it
’cause your time is limited…”

~ “but a breath”.. by the wedding

Sunday morning, September 19, as I was rushing around getting ready to leave for church, I had the dog outside and heard tires squeal.. then two sharp bangs in quick succession. They sounded like sharp gunshots. Somebody had had a wreck. Right in front of my home.

The bangs were the car taking out our mailbox and then hitting the tree next to our driveway. The crash killed the driver.

So my morning included a 911 call. And filling out a statement for the sheriff. And random wandering around because I just didn’t really know what else to do.

I never made it to church that day. I just couldn’t go after that. My mind was a million places that day, and focusing on sitting and paying attention wouldn’t have been possible.

Monday afternoon while driving through Troy… we ended up on a 20-minute detour through the Wal-Mart parking lot.. Because of a wreck on 41. This time a 19-year-old driver had pulled out in front of a semi and was killed.

Tuesday on 718.. another 19-year-old was killed in a head-on collision.

Three fatal wrecks in Miami county. Three days in a row.

This is so sad, so disturbing to me.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Ever. We haven’t even been promised the next minute. Life is so fragile… and yet how often do we use up our time on stuff that makes no difference for anything?

It is so important to make the time that we’ve been blessed with count. We have been given life so that we can have an impact on others’ lives.

God has something for you to do. Yes, you.

There’s a reason I was running later than I meant to be last Sunday morning. Had I been just about 2 minutes earlier in getting into my car to leave, I would have been between her and the tree. I’d have been sitting at the end of my driveway as I waited for her to pass before pulling out onto the road.

Knowing the point where her car crossed my driveway before crashing into the tree, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here to write this if I had been out there waiting.

This realization has caused me to really ponder life. Life in general, and my life specifically. It’s made me stop and contemplate what I’m supposed to be doing.

God isn’t finished with me here. Not yet.

I want to take that knowledge with me throughout each day and be very intentional about the way I live.

Because.. there are reasons I’m still here.

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Please keep on praying for Jon and his family.. and catch up with his story if you haven’t already! He was having some issues with pain recently but has been doing better with a new medicine. Please keep praying. 🙂