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“never got anywhere by running away
never learned anything without a mistake
never loved anyone by playing it safe
it’s a long way down, but i’m here right now… so

here goes nothing, here goes everything
gotta reach for something or you’ll fall for anything
take a breath, take a step, what comes next God only knows
but here goes

i don’t wanna turn around and wonder what happened
never lost and never found are one in the same
i wanna run across the battle lines and take my chances
not the long way ’round, when i’m here right now… so

what good is chance not taken?
what good is life not living?
what good is love not given?”

~ “here goes”.. by bebo norman

Sometimes living life means taking chances. It means risking something of importance. It means becoming vulnerable.

Risking nothing in life means staying in a little safety zone where everything is comfortable.

I don’t know what comes next… but I know that God does. And I know that what comes next involves risks. Because, as Bebo says in this song, we get nowhere by running away… we don’t learn anything without making mistakes… and we cannot love if we play it safe.

There is a major difference between making wise choices and playing it so safe that you never do anything in life. The difference? Knowing God, knowing what His word says and how you need to live, and choosing to trust Him as you take chances and follow as He leads. He often takes us to places where we can’t see what’s right in front of our faces, and that involves stepping ahead in faith. Trusting that He knows what He’s doing and will take care of the fact that we don’t.

To skip out on the uncertainties and risks can be so welcome… becoming vulnerable isn’t the most comfortable thing, and really.. who doesn’t like being comfortable?

But when we take that route and would rather stay amidst comfort and security, we miss out on so much. We miss aspects of life that are meant to be enjoyed.

When Jesus called the fishermen to come follow Him, they were most certainly taking chances. People looked at them rather warily, I’m sure, wondering what in the world they thought they were doing as they left behind them everything they knew.

I’m learning to trust Him as I take risks and follow where He’s leading. That’s hard because it does involve vulnerability sometimes. But chance not taken, life not being lived, and love not given… those are so much harder to deal with than becoming uncomfortable and out in the open.

I don’t want to end up looking back and wondering where opportunities went. I don’t want to keep safe only to discover that I’ve missed out on so much more because I wasn’t willing to take some chances.

So… here goes!

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Please keep on praying for Jon and his family.. and catch up with his story if you haven’t already! He was having some issues with pain recently but has been doing better with a new medicine. Please keep praying.