Even the title grabs your attention, doesn’t it?

As one who loves reading World War 2 novels, this book caught my eye.. especially because this one’s all true.

Mel Tucker chronicles his time spent with the Air Force in World War 2 in his book, Four Seconds to Live. Your attention is captured from the very first page, where he begins by describing his family-oriented, Christian upbringing… and he holds you captive until you’ve finished the very last page.

I so enjoyed the way Mr. Tucker writes as though he’s sitting in a comfortable chair by a cozy fireplace, just telling you a story. He doesn’t use fancy words or entangle you in a complicated plot. He just uses simple everyday language as he tells of his adventures and trials in life.

As he shares his experiences, you realize that Mr. Tucker is not just spinning a tale of events that might have happened… he’s remembering what he actually went through during the war.

Mr. Tucker’s book is short, but it’s amazing. It is a very real-life book that involves readers in the writer’s excitement, fear, hope, determination, and faith. I’ve already recommended it to others and definitely suggest that you add it to your reading list!