“Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what they think laughable.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I ran across this quote a bit ago… and it struck me as so positively true.

No matter our claims of character and integrity, what we laugh at shows the condition of our hearts. The situations, conversations, circumstances, movies, etc. that we find funny give proof to others of what we really think is important.

These instances serve to either prove or disprove the claims we have made about ourselves.. whether or not we even realize it. For example, for someone to say they don’t appreciate crudeness and then to turn on the television to almost any current program (excepting food shows and such), is honestly just hypocritical.

Just as our actions speak louder than our words, so does our laughter. It says so much more about us, about who we are, about our character, than we could ever say to anyone.. in a much more credible manner.

Laughter is so often involuntary, and perhaps that lends it some of its credibility. It shows what the heart truly thinks and feels.

So.. I want to make sure my laughter always says about me what I want others to see. I want it to be proof that I follow Jesus. It’s a choice that must be made every day, just the same as everything I say and do.

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Thank you so much for all your prayers for Jon and his family. Please keep on praying, and if you’re not familiar or caught up with his story, I’ve tried to keep it up to date.