“You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
and there’s a trace of You
in every alleluia
every song that i sing

for love of You
i’m a sky on fire
for love of You
i come alive
it’s Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing
out for love of You

it’s all for You

You are the highway i travel
cause i watched You carve streets of gold
from sin and gravel
i gave You brokenness
You gave me innocence
and now this road leads to glory

You are my deepest longing
so i see You everywhere
it’s You i’m chasing after
cause i am captivated by who You are
and how You move
i’ll follow You forever, God
for love of You…”

~ “for love of You”, by audrey assad

This is one of my new favorite songs (by one of my new favorite singers, thanks to my friend Tara’s post on facebook! :)).. and it describes so perfectly what I see in Ted Dekker‘s Immanuel’s Veins. It says what I wanted to say yesterday but didn’t know quite the words.

I think this girl gets it. She knows the fullness of God’s true love. She’s experienced it and dwelt in it. She’s let His amazingness and huge love make her into somebody she never had been before. She has let it take captive her heart in such a way that she too has an amazing love going on inside her. Not only God’s love for her, but her love for God.

She describes here the evidences we see of Him all around us, everywhere we look, if we just choose to see with His vision. She tells of the difference His love wants to make in our lives… giving us innocence when all we have to give Him is brokenness.

Chasing after Him, so completely and utterly captivated. By who He is. By how He loves. There is nothing to do but follow Him, chasing so intensely after our Savior.

It changes everything about who we are…

His love makes us alive… like a sky on fire.

"for love of You, i'm a sky on fire.."

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Thank you so much for all your prayers for Jon and his family. Please keep on praying, and if you’re not familiar or caught up with his story, I’ve tried to keep it up to date.