“when all the world is blossoming
when everything around is bursting into life
and i dont have to strain to hear the beat of Your heart

when all the world is under fire
the skies are threatening to thunder and rain
and i am overcome by fears that i cant see

if everything is Yours
everything is Yours
if everything is Yours
i’m letting it go
it was never mine to hold…

who could command the stars to sing
or hold the raging seas from breaking through the doors
and tend the fragile roses with the very same hands

if everything is Yours
everything is Yours
if everything is Yours
i’m letting it go
’cause everything is Yours
let it go
it was never mine to hold…”

~ “everything is Yours” by audrey assad

In the good times.. when all looks like spring.. when it’s so easy to see God’s hands at work all around and in us.. He is here. He is God.

In the bad times.. those days when it feels like the sun will never shine again.. when God seems to be hibernating or oblivious.. He is still here. He is still God.

And He will never leave us. Ever. (Hebrews 13:5)

When I try to take back that which was never mine to hold onto in the first place, I make such a mess of things. Everything is His to hold. Not mine. No matter how much I try to make it mine, it isn’t. It cannot be.

He is the only One able to put the stars in their places and make them sing His praises, the only One big enough to keep a stormy ocean from spilling over its boundaries. And as Audrey says in this stirring song, with the same hands that corral the seas and govern the stars keep watch over and tend beautiful, fragile roses, causing them to bloom at just the perfect moment.

How could I not choose to trust Him with my life and circumstances also? He’s given me life in the first place… He is plenty big and strong enough to be trusted with my every breath.

And as Creator, Who holds the stars, the seas, and delicate flowers all at the same time… just as these are His to control and take care of, so is everything else.

Everything is His. It is not mine to hold or to worry about… and so, even when I have a hard time relinquishing my grip that really isn’t so strong after all, I have to let go and make a very conscious choice to let Him hold my life in His hands. I have to decide to trust Him to hold it.

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Thank you so much for all your prayers for Jon and his family. Please keep on praying as his next scans are coming up in May, and if you’re not familiar or caught up with his story, I’ve tried to keep it up to date.