“lovely child
lay your head and sleep
dream of a world
of circus light and golden streets
lonely child, why are you so sad?
why do the tears fall so easily?
you’re too young to weep
so you pray
and you wait
for the better days
when you’ll be safe
and someday soon
you’ll find where you belong
where there are no more broken lullabies

how long child
have you been afraid
when was the last time
you laughed out loud?
the last time you played?
you build your walls
with blankets from your bed
you hide underneath them
you close your eyes and try to forget…

I know you feel
like you’re alone
but you’re not
and I know you feel
that no one knows
but you’re wrong
so you pray and you wait
but don’t worry
I will keep you safe

and someday soon
you’ll find where you belong
and one day soon
you’ll leave it all behind
you’ll find a place
where love remains
where there are no more
broken lullabies…”

~ “broken lullabies”.. by joel & luke (now known as For King and Country)

You’re not alone.

If only more people realized this.

I want you to not find loneliness in a crowded room.. but instead to find a friend.

Instead of thinking that no one knows, I want you to be drawn to a caring heart.

Rather than singing the broken lullabies that so describe your life, I want you to be taken captive by Jesus… and I want His joy to be your strength as is washes away your pain.

When you want to hide under the blankets from your bed, I hope you will instead hide your heart in the depth of His great love for you.

The moment you begin to think you’re worthless, I want you to remember that Jesus died for you. That speaks volumes, and it does not speak of worthlessness.

You are loved. So, so, so loved.

God so wants to take your broken and hurting heart and teach you to laugh again. He wants to teach you to enjoy life.. to enjoy it fully, making the most of your every moment.

And when you begin to forget why you’re here.. I want you to remember that He has placed you in the lives of those around you for a specific reason. You may not know all the reasons why until Heaven, but just look around you. Take a minute to realize the impact your life has on others.

If you don’t know who will listen.. I’m a good listener. And Jesus is even better.

“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” – Clarence, on It’s a Wonderful Life

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Thank you so much for your every prayer for Jon and his family. Please keep on praising, praying, and believing as his next scans are coming up on May 18. Praise for all the healing that has been taking place and pray that it will continue, with no returning tumors. If you’re not familiar with this family, please take a few minutes to catch up on his story.