It’s been ten years.

Hard to believe, but it has.

When I think of that day, I remember feeling sick. My dad called home and told us to turn on the tv. And we watched as the world turned upside down.

People have gone back to normal by now.. but I don’t think “normal” is really what we should be.

We need to live with what’s gone on before fresh in our memories. Not dwelling on it or living in the past, but we need to keep it in our vision so that we are changed because of it.

Take the time to remember what our country was meant to be.. the reasons it was founded in the first place.. the foundations it was built upon. Take the time to think of those fighting for our freedoms.. and pray for them, and for their families. Remember all those who never made it home — that day, and before, and since then.. and pray for their families also.

And remember the One who thought you were worth dying for.. and thank Him for His love and life.

I want my life to be a picture of His love. I want to live as proof of His love to others. I want to be intentional about the way I shine His love in my life.