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“Remember the signs of the Christian church have been the Lion, the Lamb, the Dove, and the Fish… but never the chameleon.” – Kaj Munk

I cannot blend in.

As a follower of Jesus, I’m not supposed to. I wasn’t made to blend in.

He never wanted us to conform to our surroundings. Rather, we as His church were made to worship Him and to reflect His light. He made us to be strong and to stand up for what is right. He made us to be gentle and meek, with the power He’s given us under great self control. He made us to love the peace that He places over our lives when we seek Him. He made us to share His love. And He made us to be known throughout all parts of the world as people who stand out because our lives look so different than those around us.

We were not made to be chameleons. That is not an option for me.