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“look down from a broken sky
traced out by the city lights
my world from a mile high
best seat in the house tonight

touch down on the cold blacktop
hold on for the sudden stop
breath in the familiar shock
of confusion and chaos
all those people going somewhere
why have i never cared

give me Your eyes for just one second
give me Your eyes so i can see
everything that i keep missing
give me Your love for humanity
give me Your arms for the broken hearted
the ones that are far beyond my reach
give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
give me Your eyes so i can see..

step out on a busy street
see a girl and our eyes meet
does her best to smile at me
to hide what’s underneath
there’s a man just to her right
black suit and a bright red tie
too ashamed to tell his wife
he’s out of work, he’s buying time..

i’ve been here a million times
a couple of million eyes
just move and pass me by
i swear i never thought that i was wrong
i need a second glance
give me a second chance
to see the way You’ve seen the people all along..”

~ “give me Your eyes”.. by brandon heath

Looking at others through God’s eyes so quickly changes my perspective on all things.

Yet.. I wish there weren’t so many differences between what my eyes see and what His eyes see. I might look at someone and see that they want attention and are loud and obnoxious. God would look at them and see how much they are hurting and just wanting to be loved. And while I may see someone full of bitterness, God knows their story.. He knows what they have been through in life and how they just need a smile to brighten their entire day.. or maybe even their life. He knows their need for someone they can trust.

I’m learning. Not there yet, by any means, but I am so learning. Over the past few months in particular, I have been learning to look through different eyes than I ever have before. At others, at myself, at the world…

Learning about God’s economy of enough and how we’ve taken it and turned it so upside-down has disturbed me deep inside. Every time I see something that I think I’d like to buy, I stop and think about it.. and I realize how much of a surface desire it really is. Something I don’t need at all, something that will just take up more room, something that will put me further from my goal of getting back to Nicaragua at least once this year.

Thinking about those around me and their stories, how they might be in great need.. how I have just passed by them all so many times. The man I’ve seen walking at the corner on my countless trips home from school and work. The cashier at Wal-Mart. The janitor at the mall. I never noticed them and never thought what their lives might be like, what they might be going home to. And I never thought that I was wrong. I was just living as most of us do. Just going about my day-to-day life, caught up in my own life. Never thinking twice about saying “I want one of those”, not really paying attention to anything that didn’t coincide or clash with my agenda.

And here.. I am finding that the only way to live is deeply. Intentionally. Fully. To be brokenhearted over what breaks God’s heart. To love others without finding fault. To give generously. To live unselfishly. Making His priorities my own, rather than trying to do it the other way around.

Because I don’t want to miss it anymore.