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“take me to the desert
You will be the water
i will drink forever to fill my soul
lead me through the fire of darkness and desire
You will be my shelter, You will be my shelter
i’ll find You there, i’ll find You there

it’s here that i call out
it’s here that i fall down
it’s here that i find out
that You are everything i hoped You’d be

take me to the river
lead me to the healer
let is wash me over, oh my soul
take me to the mountain
lead me to the altar
we will build together
and i will remember
i found You there, i found You there…

i hoped You’d be the sun that always shines
i hoped You’d be the everlasting life..”

~ “everything i hoped You’d be”.. by bebo norman

He is all we’ve ever needed and all we could ever need.. and so much more.

I know that’s really easy to say and much harder to live out in practical ways in life, but it’s a topic that keeps coming back to me.

Letting God be everything I need.. letting Him be my water in the desert, my shelter in the fire.. it’s hard to explain in words exactly what my heart needs to say, but basically I think it is that He is making a huge transformation in my heart. He is making it new in ways I never imagined.

It’s so exciting. So refreshing. So joyful.

Yet it’s scary at the same time.

Scary because it means letting go, but also because it’s so easy to let your heart slip back to the way it was before. It’s so easy to go back and not even realize it.

I so love what God had the Israelites do. After seeing God work in a major way (and it happened tons of times), they had to get rocks and pile them up. So they would remember. So that, years later, when their children asked them what that pile of rocks was supposed to be, they could tell them exactly what God had done. And yet they kept forgetting.

He is my Provider.

My Savior.

My Creator.

My Ruler.

My Healer.

My Lover.

My Friend.

My Heart-changer.

He is everything I ever hoped He’d be. He is so much more.

I want to remember. And never ever ever forget.