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‎”Be content with necessities. Be cautious with acquiring excess. The more you accumulate, the more you seek out pleasure in your excess things. The more we fill our lives with things the more we dull our contentment in God.” – David Platt

This concept has been so on my heart and mind for especially the past five or six months. It’s something that I think we ignore all too frequently.. yet it is so important.. crucial, even. It’s absolutely essential to having a right heart.

Where our pleasure is.. where our treasure is.. there we’ll find our hearts (Matthew 6:21).

To be fully effective as a follower of Jesus, I must be completely surrendered to Him. That means everything.

Every. Single. Thing.

When I feel like it and when I don’t.

Complete surrender to God is so crucial for a good amount of reasons…

  • without being surrendered to Him, I’m trying to figure life out on my own
  • with unnecessary clutter in my life, I get so distracted from Him and from what I need to be doing
  • distractions and nonsense create and grow selfishness in my heart
  • surrendering to Him fully simplifies ALL of life
  • it takes the pressure and desire to figure it out on my own off of me
  • it directs my focus back to Him
  • it lets me love and serve God and others better
  • it gives time back to what matters

I’m sure that list could go on and on, but these jumped out at me..

My contentment (or lack of it) reflects where my heart is.. and others see that. It reflects back on Jesus, and it paints a picture of Him. Contentment can be a part of showing who He really is.. while selfishness and lack of contentment only serve to reinforce the comfort and convenience that we’ve (however unconsciously it may have been) labeled “Christianity”.

I think we’re all guilty of seeking out that convenient and comfortably complacent life, but I don’t want to be.

I want my life to reflect a true and accurate picture of Jesus and who He calls us to be. And that has to be a very deliberate and intentional choice. My treasure must be found in Him and Him alone.