For much of this past Saturday, I was babysitting two young girls that I just adore. One is four and a half, the other will be six next week.

They did my hair, and we read books, played restaurant, “duck, duck, goose” (with us and some stuffed animals), hide & seek, and had lots of other great adventures. They always make me smile, and they always keep me on my toes!

When it was time for bed, the girls got into their big, comfy, princessy bed and we read about Noah building the ark. Then it was time to pray. Zoe started, then Sasha chimed in. And almost-6-year-old Sasha prayed for her older sister. She prayed, “Help Mikelle find a job.” And then I heard, “And help Mikelle find a husband.. a loving husband.”

Oh, Sasha…

I had to smile.

I loved it.

I absolutely LOVE the sincerity that this little girl treats prayer with. And I mean, she should. She definitely, absolutely should. We ALL should. The problem is.. we don’t.

These girls both are so incredibly serious about their praying. I have heard them pray for people with cancer. For people who were sick for just a day, with a headache or something. For their family. For their friends. I have heard them cry out to God to draw unsaved people to Him.

And yes. They are 4 1/2 and might-as-well-be-6.

When their mom and sister got home late Saturday night, I mentioned it.

“They’re trying to marry you off.. they prayed for you..” and I quoted that portion of Sasha’s prayer. The three of us shared a little giggle, but it was a serious giggle. If you know what I mean. Because while we can giggle about it that Sasha’s praying for a husband for her older sister, just because honestly it is NOT what you’d expect when you sit down to pray with two very young girls, it really got to all three of us.

Mikelle said, “Awwwwww, I asked her to pray about that for me. Because I knew she would!”

What if we all were so reliable in praying for others as Sasha is?

Think what the world would look like.. what our churches would look like.. what our lives and those around us would look like…

It really got to me.. really made me ponder.

I want my prayers to be as absolute, serious, dedicated as that. I want to model my prayer life after that of a girl who isn’t even 6 yet. 🙂