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“.. a dark and dreary morning often brings a pleasant day…” ~ L. M. Montgomery, in Pat of Silver Bush

Some people really love them, but dark and dreary mornings, quite honestly, are my least favorite days as far as weather is concerned. But if I take a deeper look, I really think Maud was onto something with this statement.

It’s easy to find beauty on a sunshiny day. When the sky is blue and deep and lovely. When flowers are blooming brightly and the sun is warm on my skin. When I can look around and feel God’s blessings because they are so blatantly staring me in the face.

Dark and dreary mornings don’t do that for me.

But.. what they do is this… they make me become more intentional about seeking God’s beauty.

When the sun isn’t shining, maybe it’s that much more of an opportunity to be a light in someone else’s day. It is a instance where I can look at what I don’t personally enjoy and find something good in it. It gives me a push to look deeper into what God has blessed me with… beyond the obvious.

I believe that’s the way He wants us to look. Not to skip over the obvious beauty and blessings, but to find the deeper and less easily-observed ones as well.

The fact that dark and dreary days spur me on toward intentionally looking for the loveliness that God has made and brought to my life… well, I think that in itself is a blessing to be found in a dark and dreary day. And this makes me smile.

When I choose to have joy and to count the blessings God has given, that truly does make a pleasant day.