My name is Tara. I’m 29 years old. Tara Kolker’s blog

I am not religious.. I love and follow Jesus Christ. Religion is a ritualistic tradition though, and I’m not into that. I want my life to show Who I belong to — Jesus. Let my life speak of how great is our God.

Visits to cities are nice once in a while, but I’m a country girl at heart, and I live in the farmland of Ohio.

I’m a homeschool graduate. I was homeschooled from 6th grade up through my high school graduation in 2002. After attending Edison Community College, I graduated in May 2007 with my associate of arts and actually went back for the following year, taking more classes and working. Being back for fall and then spring wasn’t in my plans, but as it turns out, God had other plans than I did.

My interests include [but are not limited to] old movies, exceptionally good books, bike rides and hikes in God’s amazing creation, helping others, learning new things, sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways, piano — my darlin’ yamaha, writing, researching my family history, babysitting, kids, old dead singers [as they’re called around my house..], keeping in touch with friends & family, scrapbooking, etc. I also enjoy haunting antique shops.. the kind where you can find great old books and such for decent prices.

In the past, I have held a variety of volunteer positions, such as the 2-yr-old teacher for MOPS, Awana leader, and fill-in early childhood Sunday school teacher. Due to a move to a different church in April 2008, I spent a couple of years discovering my new places and ways to serve; it is so exciting to see where and what God has for me. I help out in the nursery and also sometimes at the check-in kiosks for the kids’ ministry, and I am a 3rd & 4th grade Awana leader. 🙂

I worked as a tutor for math, english, and various computer programs [along with anything else I was able to help out with… including ebay!] in the Learning Center at my college from August 2006 through August 2008. I was there through summer semester 2008 even though I wasn’t taking classes after spring semester — they don’t usually hire you unless you’re either professional or a student, but they asked, so I went for it.. I so loved my job. Over that same summer, I also had a second job — I worked at a produce stand owned by my friend’s family, and that was always exciting. There is no end to the stories and experiences I gained from that summer, and I really, really loved it. I currently am babysitting/nannying full time, teaching piano, working VERY part time at Bath & Body Works, and I sell Premier Designs jewelry. ALL profits from my jewelry business go toward Nicaragua.

In August of 2009, I had the opportunity to return to Nicaragua and meet the little boy that I sponsor. Having sponsored him for 3 years at that point, I was SO excited to finally meet him face to face. There are no words to describe perfectly my thoughts and feelings on it all. When I went again in August of 2010, Nayrobis saw me and started waving like crazy, and he’d run up randomly to give me HUGE hugs. He’s a darling. I have now been to Nicaragua 5 times (and counting) and am more in love with this beautiful central-American nation and its people than ever before. My most recent trip there, in December 2012, was to see Nayrobis and my family’s girl, Marling Yessenia, graduate from 6th grade. Nothing in the world compares to being part of this enormous celebration. 🙂

I am a descendant of Henry and Mattie Cook Anglin… I’m one of their great-granddaughters [in answer to one of the comments below].. the oldest grandchild of their youngest daughter.

Please.. feel free to comment. It still surprises me [probably always will!] to see that people actually read my blog, and I love to get your feedback. That is not my reason for writing though. I write what God gives me in my heart that I need to share. Thanks for reading, for your interest in what I have to say, and for your comments. [I answer comments, but most of the time I do that either through email or by visiting your blog and commenting there.]

[last updated March 4th, 2013]